How to Use KnockCode on LG G4 to Unlock Your Phone

Security is very important when considering mobile phones. This gadget keeps many information that is personal, and also it’s along with you regularly. Android smartphones contain a couple of different ways to lock your own device, however the G4 includes KnockCode you’ve never seen. The LG G4 KnockCode helps you to get secure access to your phone by tapping a personalized pattern anywhere on the screen. The one-step unlock method has more than 86,000 possible combinations. Here’s how to do use KnockCode on LG G4:

knockcode on lg g4

Guide to Use KnockCode on LG G4 to Unlock Your Phone

  • Go to Settings > Lock screen > Select screen lock
  • Tap on Knock Code
  • Tap the square 3-8 times in a pattern you can remember
  • Tap Continue and then confirm the pattern again
  • Next you will create a backup PIN number in case you forget the KnockCode

When you wake up your phone you will see a square area on the lock screen for you to enter your KnockCode, but there is an even better way to do it. When the display is off you can perform your KnockCode and the display will wake up and unlock automatically, bypassing the lock screen altogether.

How to Unlock your LG G4  with just a tap

The most important aspect details you must know regarding the LG G4 is that you can wake or even get to sleep the device with no pressing the power button. In order to wake up your phone you can just double-tap anywhere on the screen. Putting the device to sleep works exactly the same way. In case you’re using the stock LG launcher you are able to double-tap on any specific blank area, however, if you’re with a 3rd-party launcher you need to double-tap the status bar.