Safe to Disable or Remove Bloat Apps on LG G4

The LG G4 is a great smartphone, but same as all other smartphones it is stuffed with tons of pre-loaded apps from the box. While a portion of those applications are huge for the framework and general execution of your gadget, the others are futile. You can see a bunch of uninteresting games, or unknown apps that are designed to promote some services that you don’t need at all. The thing is, you can’t delete these apps unless your smartphone is rooted, and that’s something we all hate. So, we’ll share with you quick manual on how to disable some bloat apps on your LG G4.

Safe Way to disable or remove bloat apps on LG G4

Safe to Disable or Remove Bloat Apps on LG G4

Disabling the bloat apps is not complicated, but you need to be careful when choosing which apps to disable. Sometimes after removing some apps youк phone can work with bags or don’t boot. So again, be careful with apps you remove and make a backup.

Steps To disable bloat apps on your LG G4, do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Then Tap on Application Manager
  • Find the app you want to disable under All tab
  • Tap on that app, and then click Disable.

List of Safe to Disable Bloat Apps on LG G4

LG Apps and Services to disable

LG Apps and Services:

  • AmazonAppStore
  • AmazonKindle
  • AmazonMP3
  • AmazonMobile
  • Backup Agent
  • Calendar
  • DT Ignite
  • Dual Window 20150320L
  • ELTest
  • GCUV
  • LDB
  • Leccp
  • LG Backup
  • LG Bridge Service
  • LG Health
  • LG Health Agent
  • LG Intelligent Agent
  • LG VoiceCommand SpeechPack
  • LGApduService
  • LGMapUI
  • LGSetupWizard
  • LGSmartCardService
  • LGSmartCover
  • LGWernickeManager
  • LGWfdsServices
  • LIA Informant
  • LIA S4URecommender
  • LLKAgent
  • Maluuba QVoice Interface
  • Music
  • Music
  • QuickMemo+
  • Retail Demo Mode
  • Setup Wizard
  • Setup Wizard
  • SlackerRadio
  • SIM Toolkit
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Smart Notice
  • Smart screen
  • Smart Tips
  • System Updates  (Freeze to block OTA updates)
  • Tasks Storage
  • Video
  • Video Trim
  • Voice Command
  • Voice Mate
  • Voice Mate Engine
  • Voice Mate Speech Pack
  • Weather
  • Weather Platform
  • Wfd Service

Verizon Apps and Services:

LG G4 Verizon Apps and Services to disable

  • com.verizon.permissions.qos
  • com.verizon.vzwavs
  • MyInfoZone
  • MyVerizon
  • VZCloud
  • VZMessages
  • VZMobileSecurity
  • VZNavigator
  • VZWAPNService
  • Verizon Location Agent
  • VzWSMSFilter

Misc. Apps and Services:

  • ActionManager Service
  • Emergency Alerts
  • EULA
  • Email
  • Exchange
  • FaceLock
  • FormManager
  • Google Play Books / Movies / Music / Games / Newstand
  • Google Drive / Chrome / CloudPrint / Maps / Hangouts / G+
  • SmartShare.DLNA
  • SmartShare.MediaServer
  • SmartShare.Provider
  • SmartSharePush
  • Tags
  • TalkBack
  • IMDB
  • NFL Mobile

AT&T Bloat Apps and Services:

LG G4 Apps and Services to disable

  • DigitalLife
  • ATT DriveMode
  • ATT FamilyUtility
  • ATT Locker
  • ATT Lookout
  • ATT Mail
  • ATT MobileLocate
  • ATT Ready2Go
  • ATT RemoteSupport
  • ATT SmartLimits
  • ATT SmartWifi
  • ATT Uber
  • WildTangent
  • ATT DeviceHelp
  • ATT FamilyMap
  • ATT Hotspots
  • ATT Keeper
  • ATT Live
  • ATT Navigato
  • MyATT
  • YPmobile

Note: Please not that the list provided below consists of almost all LG G4 system apps and services that can be safely frozen. It’s you who has to determine which apps you want to get rid of.

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