LG G4: Frequently Asked Questions

When should you give your LG G4 a factory reset?

LG G4 factory reset

Factory reset on LG G4 can be helpful for the following purposes:

  • to fix problems with your device and remove viruses;
  • to return the settings and configuration of your device to default;
  • to free up memory space on your LG G4;
  • to wipe your personal data from your device before sale.

When should you give your LG G4 a hard reset?

Hard reset can be a solution in the following situations:

  • your device is running slowly;
  • you forgot your screen lock password and wish to reset it;
  • you wish to clear all personal data from LG G4 before selling or after buying the device;
  • you want to restore functionality of your device to default;
  • your LG G4 has problems with freezing, hanging, and unexpected crashes of apps.

How to recover files after a factory reset?

After giving your LG G4 a hard reset, you can recover deleted data including multimedia files, contacts, and messages. The easiest solution is to apply the Android Data Recovery tool.

Is factory reset safe for your device?

Giving your LG G4 a factory reset is safe for your device, since the procedure has no other effects except its direct function, i.e. wiping data and recovering default settings.

What to do if you forgot the security password for your LG G4?

Give your device a hard reset to recover the default password. However, note that the data you have on your LG G4 will be lost. Another solution is to try installing a new firmware.

How to prepare my LG G4 to a hard reset?

LG G4 hard reset

The most important step to take before giving your device a hard reset is to back up the data you want to save. Back up the necessary files on your PC or SD card and wipe them from your LG G4 to avoid unforeseen formatting. It is not recommended to back up applications, while they can induce the same problems with your LG G4. Having performed the hard reset, carefully monitor how your device reacts to an installation of each of the applications.

What will happen to my voicemails on my LG G4 after a factory reset?

Factory reset will have no impact on your voicemail messages, while they are typically stored not on your device, but in your network provider’s storage.

What features become available after rooting the device?

With a rooted LG G4, you can increase the clock speed of the processor to make the device run faster (though typically at a cost of shorter battery life). Another feature is a possibility to install a custom unofficial version of Android on your LG G4. It can be helpful if the device is malfunctioning, but the procedure is very risky and not advised to perform.
Also, you can remove the applications you wish from your LG G4. Before deleting the apps, back up the apps you might need to recover in the future using a backup app. Be careful not to remove system applications.

What developer options are available on LG G4?

The developer options are a hidden set of options typically utilized by Android software developers when testing their products. Here is a list of developer options that might be of use for you:

  • display CPU usage;
  • permit debugging over USB;
  • enable Mock Location;
  • set password for desktop backup.

lg g4 developer options

What will happen to the SD card data after a hard reset in LG G4?

Factory reset does not affect the data stored on the SD card. Some devices offer to format the SD card during a hard reset, but this option is typically not chosen by default. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to lose the data stored on your SD card, be attentive and make sure not to choose to format it during a hard reset.

Will my LG G4 become unrooted after a factory reset?

Giving your LG G4 a factory reset will not affect the device’s rooting or delete the installed custom operating system. You can delete your custom OS by uploading another OS, either original or custom.

What is the mechanism of a factory reset in LG G4?

Factory reset involves removing the addresses of the data stored on the device without overwriting it. It means that your LG G4 will not be able to locate the data, but the data can be recovered.

What to do if you forgot the screen lock password for LG G4?

1) Unlock your LG G4 with a Google Account password. This option requires access to the internet and your Google Account with a password you remember. Here is the list of steps to take to unlock the device:
1. Get an alert from the system having made 5 unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct password.
2. Make another attempt to enter a password in nearly 30 seconds.
3. Click the button “Forgot the password” that will appear in the left corner of the screen.
4. Enter your Google Account password to unlock the device.
2) Give your LG G4 a factory reset. If you do not have a Google Account, perform a factory reset to unlock your device. But note that the data stored on your LG G4 can be lost.

How to improve responsiveness and speed of LG G4?

1. Try giving your device a hard reset. But be aware that there is a risk that you will have the same issues with your LG G4 when you begin exploitation of the device.
2. Update firmware of your device on a regular basis to ensure that your LG G4 is maximally fast and responsive.
3. Make sure there is enough space in the internal memory storage, as its shortage can significantly affect the performance of the device.
4. Avoid storing your multimedia files on internal memory. Instead, use an SD card.
5. Use apps from Google Play Store to optimize your LG G4. They include, for instance, cleaners, boosters, antiviruses, and data managers.
6. Remove apps you do not use.
7. Restart your device.

Is it necessary to update software on your LG G4 after a factory reset?

You do not need to update your LG G4’s software after a factory reset, while the procedure does not have any impact on the system.

What exactly does a factory reset wipe from LG G4?

Having undergone a hard reset, LG G4 will be returned to its default settings, and all user data will be removed.


What will happen to the apps on LG G4 after a hard reset?

Factory reset deletes those applications which were installed by a user. At the same time, originally installed apps are only returned to default settings.

How to erase data from LG G4 forever?

1. The first step to take is to encrypt your LG G4. This operation is necessary to ensure that after a factory reset the data will be almost impossible to recover without a special key.
To encrypt the data stored on your device go to Settings / Security and then tap on the “Encrypt Device” option. Encryption procedure can take a long time, so ensure the device is fully charged.
2. Second, give your LG G4 a factory reset.
3. Optionally, you can also upload fake data on your device and perform a hard reset once more. Typically, the first two steps already ensure sufficient protection of your data, but you can perform the third step as many times as you want to strengthen protection. This way, your data will be covered by fake data and safe from reach.

What to do if you forgot a PIN code for your LG G4?

First, keep in mind not to type in the PIN code more than twice if you are not confident that you remember the combination correctly, or your device will be blocked by the SIM. Importantly, you will not be able to unblock your LG G4 with help of a factory reset. The only solution is to reach your provider and get a PUK code to unblock the device.

What will happen to the software on LG G4 after a hard reset?

Factory reset has no direct impact on the software installed on the device, as well as the operating system. The procedure will not recover the software to the original version, it will only reset it to default settings.

What will happen to my progress in games on LG G4 after a hard reset?

Applications and games stored in the internal memory of the device will be erased after a factory reset, and your progress in games and applications can be lost. But you can always back up the apps you need before performing a factory reset to safely recover them after the procedure.

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