The Methods Of How To Save Battery Life on LG G4

Almost all of the people in the world have an important thing that is always brought anywhere and anytime. That thing is a mobile phone. Nowadays, people choose an android for the needs in their daily life. It is not a must, but almost all people have an android for their social life.

save battery life on lg g4

There are many brands provided by some companies, one of them is LG G4. LG G4 is a modern android that is used by many people around the world. However, in this case, there are many people who use the android does not know how to save battery life on LG G4. Sometimes, they worried about it because they need a battery life on in random time. That is why here the information about how to save the battery life.

The steps to Save Battery Life on LG G4

The following step is a way to save your battery life on your LG G4:

  1. The first step is changing the application sync settings.
  2. Second, timeout duration and lower screen brightness your Android.
  3. Third, the thing you have to do is Toggle from the 4G to 2G (or at least 3G). After that, turn off the background data and synchronization online.
  4. Fourth, turn off Smart Setting and do not use at home.
  5. Then, uninstall unused apps. After that, you have to update to the newest software.
  6. Do not forget to adjust the quality of the video in the games. The next steps are, turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and also Smartphone Mobile Hotspot.
  7. Besides, you have to minimize the use of the third-party applications.
  8. The last step is to set the device to sleep when unused.

Those are some easiest steps how to save battery life on LG G4. You do not need to worry about saving the battery during your social activities. You can start to try this LG G4 tips in your days. This information may help you to save your battery.


LG G4 Battery Saving Mode

Using Battery Saving Mode

To Turn on Battery saving mode you need to:

  1. Unlock your LG G4 and tap Apps from home screen
  2. Then Tap Settings and choose General tab
  4. Tap Battery & power saving.
  5. Switch the Battery saver to turn on this feature.

Turn off Battery saving mode you need to:

  1. From any home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings > General tab.
  3. Scroll to PHONE MANAGEMENT and then tap Battery saver.
  4. Tap the Battery saver switch to turn off.

Battery saving mode settings

To change settings for the battery life saving feature, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your LG G4 and tap Apps from home screen
  2. Then Tap Settings and choose General tab
  3. Scroll to PHONE MANAGEMENT  and then tap Battery & power saver.
  4. Tap the Battery saver switch to turn on.
  5. Select Turn Battery Saver on.


LG G4 Battery Tips and How To to Improve Battery Life


Battery for LG G4 phone: specifications for replacement

Battery for LG G4 is designed for a variety of LG phones such as the GT and the H810. It’s also compatible with H811, VS986, US991, and LS991 models. Lengthy mobile routines or demanding apps won’t drain energy from this battery quickly because it utilizes Li-ion technology. When the 3000mAH isn’t equipped inside a phone, general environment hazards won’t impact the energy levels because the housing on the battery is strong and durable.

Battery for LG G4 phone

LG Battery Identifiers

  • GTIN – 0684191796487, 0603453780460, 0702168476290, 7290107152426
  • BRAND – LG
  • MPN – BL51YF
  • UPC – 0684191796487, 0603453780460, 0702168476290

LG Battery Key Features

  • Compatible Models: For LG G4, For LG G Stylo, For LG Optimus G, For LG G3, For LG Stylo 2, For LG G Vista 2, For Samsung Galaxy Note 3, For LG G Vista, For Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Compatible Brand: For LG, For Samsung
  • Removable battery
  • Quick charging
  • Capacity: 3000mAh


Battery life of LG G4

Except the growing number of screen pixels and CPU cores make optimizing for power efficiency a tough proposition.  The G3 didn’t have the best battery life amongst flagships so it shouldn’t be hard to improve on it. Still, other makers did not stand still either.

So, here is the normal battery life of LG G4:

  • Talk time – 16.48 h
  • Web browsing – 7.55 h
  • Video playback – 7.20 h

Battery life of LG G4


Additional tips how to save battery on LG G4

So, to save battery life of your LG G4 phone you can use this tips & rules. Of cause, not all tips needed, because we still need to use our LG cell phone and don’t want to turn off all functions. These tips are usable for all G4 phone versions: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile.

49 Ways to save Battery Life Here

  • Adjust the screen timeout. Long screen timeouts mean that your screen will stay lit for longer after you have stopped using it. Set this to a low value to save battery power
  • Avoid areas with a poor signal. If you’re in an area with a low signal, the phone will boost it’s signal power, consuming battery. If possible, avoid these areas.
  • Avoid exposing the battery to metal. Don’t ever let the metal contacts on the battery touch metal objects, like keys or coins. This can short circuit the battery, impairing its performance
  • Avoid exposing the phone or battery to direct sunlight or heat. Exposing the battery to excessive heat can damage the battery performance permanently, especially if the battery is 100% full and exposed to direct sunlight or heat
  • Be careful with third party applications. Applications that are poorly coded or designed can often consume more battery than they should. Be careful when selecting different applications that do the same job. Generally speaking an application made by a larger company will have more battery efficient code than an application made by a one-man-band
  • Buy a more powerful battery. Third party batteries can often provide more battery power than the manufacturer ones. Warning: this can often void your warranty, so use at your own risk
  • Change your notifications. If you receive a lot of messages or calls, change the notification to a short vibrate instead of long or loud ringtones
  • Check less email accounts. If you have a long list of email accounts that your device regularly checks, consider removing some accounts. For every account that the phone checks it is will be using battery life
  • Close applications when not needed. Most phones will manage applications that are running in the background, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re not using an application, close it to avoid unecessary battery consumption
  • Disable or remove active widgets. Widgets that are constantly running on the homescreen consume battery power. If you don’t use them much, consider turning them off or removing them
  • Disable keypad tones. The little tones the phone makes when you press the keys will consume battery power. Unless you need them, consider switching them off. People around you will also appreciate it.
  • Disconnect the internet if you’re not using it. When you don’t need to use the internet on your phone, disconnect the 3G or WiFi connection to the internet
  • Don’t use a live themes (wallpapers). Themes or wallpapers that contain animations that are constantly ‘doing something’ will consume battery power. Consider not using these
  • Drain your battery once a month. For lithium based batteries it is recommend that once per month you should use all the power in your battery, then charge it completely before unplugging the charger
  • EDGE uses more power than 3G. 3G is much more energy efficient than EDGE so if you have the option, choose 3G
  • Handle your battery with care. When changing batteries or buying a new one, don’t touch the copper contact plates. Dust or oily skin can lessen the connection between the battery and the phone, impairing performance. Also, do not drop or bang the battery against an solid objects
  • If you have no signal, set the phone to offline. If you are in an area where there is no signal (eg in a basement, subway tunnel) turn the phone to offline mode. Otherwise it will continually scan for a signal
  • Lock your phone immediately after use. Don’t wait for the screen to automatically turn itself off as this will consume battery power. Once you’re done sending a text or making a call, immediately lock your keypad and screen
  • Reduce screen sensitivity. Reduce your touchscreen sensitivity. The more sensitive the screen is, the more battery it will use
  • Replace your battery periodically. If you notice the battery is losing power between charging cycles, it may be near the end of it’s lifetime. Usually batteries are quite cheap, so consider replacing it with a new manufacturer branded one
  • Set your email application to manual. If your email program is set to real-time, it will be constantly checking for emails. Consider changing this to manual
  • Social media feeds. Disable any social media feeds. These feeds are always checking the internet for new updates, which consumes battery. If you need to use social media feeds, set the update frequency to a less regular time period
  • Storing Lithium-Ion batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries are damaged by allowing the battery to be completely discharged. Most phones power the phone down before it gets to this stage, but storing a battery while almost fully drained may mean it loses it’s remaining charge. If you need to store your battery, charge it first
  • Take a spare battery. If you’ll be away from civilisation for a few days and won’t have access to a charger, consider buying and carrying a spare battery or two
  • Talk less. Making calls uses a large amount of battery power. If you’re concerned about running out of battery, keep the calls short
  • Turn down screen brightness. Screen brightness is one of the major killers of batter power. If you don’t need it bright, turn it down
  • Turn of GPS. If you’re not using your GPS or Maps software, turn the GPS off
  • Turn off location services. Location services often transmit or receive a signal to identify your location. This can consume considerable battery power. If you don’t need these services, disable them or turn them off
  • Turn off programs that index in the background. Turn off any indexing programs (eg Music indexing, photo indexing etc) that run in the background
  • Turn off the camera flash. Unless you need to use the camera flash, turn it off. This consumes a lot of battery power when used
  • Turn off vibrate. Unless you need it, turn off the vibrate mode. This will often apply to the General profile where a ringtone will indicate a call more than a vibrate
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. WiFi and Bluetooth consume considerable battery power. If you’re not using them, then them off
  • Turn off your phone before removing the battery. Always power your phone down before removing the battery. Failing to do this may lead to damage to the battery
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications. Uninstall any applications you don’t use (especially Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM etc that may run in the background)
  • Upgrade your firmware. When new firmware is available, update it. New versions often include improvements in battery optimisation
  • Use 3D games sparingly. Games that require 3D rendering use more of the graphics processor, which will drain your battery more quickly. If you are running low on battery, you need to play a game with simple graphics
  • Use a dark wallpaper. Bright colours can consume more battery power than light colours. Consider changing your background to one with dark colours
  • Use a power control app. Power control apps will help you identify what applications are using the most battery power and can also help to optimise the phone’s battery consumption
  • Use flight mode (offline mode). If you’re running low on battery power and don’t need to make a call, use the internet or send a message, you can switch the phone to an offline mode to save power until you can get to a charger
  • Use less graphics intensive programs. Programs that have high intensity graphics, especially games or watching videos will drain the battery quickly. Use these only if necessary
  • Avoid extremes of temperature. Batteries do not like temperature extremes. Anything higher than about 95° Fahrenheit or 35° Celsius will decrease your battery’s charge. The same thing applies with cold temperatures. If you’re outside in freezing weather, make sure your phone is in your pocket. Cold temperature problems are usually temporary, whereas hot weather can cause long term damage to your battery
  • Don’t cover the light sensor. Most phones have a light sensor, which is usually located at the top of the phone. This automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen. If it is covered, the phone increases it’s screen brightness. To avoid extra battery being used, ensure this sensor isn’t covered or obstructed by anything
  • Use a wall charger where possible. If you have the choice of charging from a computer via a USB cable or a wall charger, always choose the wall charger. Not only is it faster, but the charge will last longer
  • Lower your music volume. Listening to music loudly, whether through headphones or the phone’s internal speakers will consume more battery power than quieter music
  • Turn off your equaliser. If your phone has a equaliser for music, then turn this off. The EQ uses processing power, which will drain your battery quicker. It may not be much, but everything counts
  • Visit mobile sites where possible. Usually mobile versions of websites are less graphic intensive, requiring less processor to display them and consequently less battery power. If your phone has the option to default to mobile sites, then turn this on
  • Change photo effects. Effects that are applied to photos can consume more processing power and therefore battery power. If you really want to conserve power, turn these effects off
  • Change your photo size (quality). Reducing the default photo size or quality will consume less processing power and therefore battery power
  • Store your phone in a case or holder. If your phone is in your pocket or handbag it can often get bumped. Some of these bumps will inadvertently press buttons which may light up the screen. If your phone is in a holder or case, this is less likely to happen


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