How To Fix LG G4 Authentication Error in Wi-Fi Network Connect

Some owners of LG G4 having issues when it might be connected to a Wi-Fi network. The error message that seems is “Wifi authentication error” they’ve already to put in writing the password correctly.

This particular incident will not allow your device to connect with the Wi-Fi network. The fastest method to fix the LG G4 Authentication Error is simply by restarting the LG G4 and also inputting the password once more.


LG G4 Authentication Error

It’s necessary to find out the reason why the Wifi authentication error occurred from the beginning. This problem happens when there is a connection getting identified via a WiFi connection using the username and password that has been typed.

If your Wifi Authentication doesn’t work out to discover wi-fi connection to the LG G4 this means there are some conflicts happening and wish for to be fixed. Here are solutions to fix LG G4 authentication error problems.


Guide to Fix LG G4 Authentication Error Problem

It’s recently been regarded that the LG G4 authentication error can be solved simply by turning off the “Bluetooth” even though the WAP is actually enabled, due to the fact will change the frequency regarding how both wi-fi and also Bluetooth interacts collectively. Changing this should actually be able to fix the error with the LG G4 Authentication Error problem.


LG G4 Authentication Error Problem

In case the previous solution didn’t help resolve the LG G4 Authentication Error. then this problem might be from the router. In some cases, the Wi-Fi IP address conflicts with the various devices connected to the same network that happens to be using the same IP addresses. The best way in order to resolve this problem is to restart the router to fix LG G4 Authentication Error.

This manual work with all LG G4 cell phones: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile etc.

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