How to Boot LG G4 into Fastboot Mode

Whenever trying out to manually update your LG G4 with an official or custom Android OS, the fastboot mode is going to be necessary. Therefore, the prosperity of your ideas may possibly count on regardless of whether you understand how to enter fastboot mode on your LG G4. For that reason, This article help you get started simply by detailing the best way to simply reach this invisible setting on your own LG G4.

The fastboot mode is mostly a hidden Android setting that offered accessibility to the internal system of your LG G4. Just about the most means a little different things, the fastboot mode is also called bootloader mode or maybe download mode (the download mode term is something specific to Samsung branded devices though). Finally, somehow that this setting is similar with all the recovery image. Nicely, that is partly real, but the steps that happen to be performed will vary.

boot lg g4 into fastboot mode

Before doing everything, please backup your personal data, info and accounts, or perhaps you may lose all the things that’s saved on your LG G4. This method is standard for the reason that fastboot environment is actually featured by default on your LG G4, so you won’t lose the warranty of your device when trying this guidelines.

Step by step to Boot LG G4 into Fastboot Mode

1. Using the Hardware Buttons from your LG G4

  • You need to shut down your G4, turn it off totally, as a result either press power button after and select “power off”, or even press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Then, press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys at the same time for about 6 or 7 seconds.
  • Plug in the USB cable for your smartphone and connect it to your PC.
  • Release the keys only when the download mode is being displayed.


Boot LG G4 into Fastboot Mode

2. Using an Apps from Google Play

You need a rooted LG G4 for this procedure and then, after taking care of this aspect:

  • Tap on the Google Play icon on your phone.
  • On Google Play tap on Search and type Quick Boot. Here’s the link.
  • Download and install the software on your handset.
  • Do not hesitate to follow on screen prompts if you want to reboot your LG G4 into fastboot mode.


Video Manual of How to Boot LG G4 into Fastboot Mode


That’s guide on how to boot LG G4 into fastboot mode. You can do it yourself at home and enjoy with your device.

If you have any questions you can find answers here.