How to Enable Screen Pinning on LG G4 Smartphone

Screen pinning has become the greatest personal privacy features in Android Lollipop, but it is disabled and hidden on almost every Android device. This feature allows you to lock the device to a single app (pinning it) so that you can let someone else use your smartphone without having to worry they are going to spy all over. This article will guide you to enable screen pinning on LG G4.

Steps to Enable Screen Pinning on LG G4

To enable screen pinning on LG G4, go to the General tab in settings and scroll down to Security. In this menu you’ll again go all the way to the bottom, to find screen pinning. Turn it on, and you’re all set.

enable screen pinning on lg g4

Any app can be pinned by tapping the multitasking button. In the lower right corner of the app’s card will be a pin icon. Tap that and it’s pinned. You can choose to require your secure unlock code to leave pinned mode, which is obviously more secure. The regular pinned mode is fine should you ever need to distract your kids with the phone but don’t want them placing accidental international calls.


How to use Screen Pinning in Android