The Methods Of How To Save Battery Life on LG G4

Almost all of people in the world have an important thing that is always brought anywhere and anytime. That thing is a mobile phone. Nowadays, people choose an android for the needs in their daily life. It is not a must, but almost all people have an android for their social life.

save battery life on lg g4

There are many brands provided by some companies, one of them is LG G4. LG G4 is a modern android that is used by many people around the world. However, in this case, there are many people who use the android does not know how to save battery life on LG G4. Sometimes, they worried about it because they need a battery life on in random time. That is why here the information about how to save the battery life.

The step to Save Battery Life on LG G4

The following step is a way to save your battery life on your LG G4:

  1. The first step is changing the application sync settings.
  2. Second, timeout duration and lower screen brightness your Android.
  3. Third, the thing you have to do is Toggle from the 4G to 2G. After that, turn off the background data.
  4. Fourth, turn off Smart Setting and do not use at home.
  5. Then, uninstall unused apps. After that, you have to update to the newest software.
  6. Do not forget to adjust the quality of the video in the games. The next steps are, turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and also Smartphone Mobile hotspot.
  7. Besides, you have to minimize the use of the third-party applications.
  8. The last step is set the device to sleep when unused.

Those are some easiest steps how to save battery life on LG G4. You do not need to worry about saving the battery during your social activities. You can start to try this LG G4 tips in your days. This information may help you to save your battery.